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"This website will discuss essential lesson and beneficial teaching that parents can teach their children- lessons that will prepare them adulthood, and how would parents want their children to be known as an adult."

The Value Of Disciplining in Your Children


Discipline is training that corrects, and it includes communication. Discipline carries the thought of corrections more than punishment although punishment may come into the picture. Your children needed discipline when they were younger, and now that they are teenagers, they still need some form it, perhaps even more so. Wise teenagers know that this is true. Parents is responsible for administering discipline to their Children, particularly the father. However, the responsibility for listening to that discipline belongs to the teenager. He will learn more and make fewer mistakes if he needs the wise discipline of his father and mother.

Role Of Parents

Life of parents should be richer and happier. But it does present a challenges, and for the finest results, that challenge needs to be met by both parents. It took both of you will play a vital role in your baby's development from birth onward. The need for sincere, united- and humble- cooperation was never greater.

Understanding the role of each parent and how these roles can harmonize should help greatly in meeting the needs of your baby, producing happy results. Balance s needed. Even though the mind strives to be reasonable emotions often push things off balance. We may tend to go extremes, from too little to too much, and back again to too little. It is desirable for the father to exercise his headship, but, if he overdoes it, he becomes overbearing. It is good for the mother to share in training and disciplining the children, but to take over these duties to the exclusion of the father undermines the family structure. Good is good, buta good thing may become bad if carried to an extreme.