Train Your Children From Infant

Train your children is another major parental duty. Infancy is the ideal time to begin teaching a child. Even young baby has a hunger knowledge. The beautiful attachment between mother and children grows as they spend time together following the birth. Nursing add to that intimacy. A good father cultivates a warm, loving relationship with his child from the beginning of the child's life. But babies need more from the moment of birth, their brains are ready to receive and store information, and parents are primary source of this. Take language as an example. Researchers say that how well a child learns to talk and to read is thought to be closely related to the nature of the child's early interaction with his parents. 

Parents spent time their children
Parents spent time their children

Help Your Teenager To Thrive

Having a teenager in the house is very different from having a three-year-old or even a ten-year-old. The teen years bring their own challenges and problems, but they can also bring joys and rewards. Some teen years are turbulent. Adolescent experience emotional ups and downs. Teenage boys and girls may want to be more independent, and they may resent limits placed on them by their parents. Yet, such youths are still quite in- experienced and in need of loving, patient help from their parents.Yes, teen years can be exciting, but they can also be confusing- both for parents and for teenagers.
Mother Talk to her teenager
Mother Talk to her teenager

Honest And Open Communication

Open communication means that the parent will try hard to be available when the teenager feels need to talk. If you are parent, make sure that communication is the open at least from your side. This may not be easy. When your teenager feels it is a time to speak, it may be your time to keep quiet. Perhaps you have set that time aside for personal study, relaxation, or work around the house. Still, if your youngster wants to talk to you, try to adjust your plans and listen. Otherwise, he may not try again. Most teenagers realize that their parents lead busy lives, but they need the reassurance that their parents are there for them if needed. Hence, be available and be understanding.
Mother and Child
Mother and Child

The Role of A Mother

What are things that a baby needs from  their Mother?

  A newborn baby is totally dependent on its mother for it's immediate needs. If she lovingly supplies these needs the baby feels secure. It must be well fed and kept clean and warm; but supplying physical needs is not enough. Emotional needs are just as important. If the baby does not receive love, it becomes insecure. A mother can soon learn to tell how great the need really is when her infant calls for attention. But if it's cries are consistently ignored it may become ill. If it is emotionally deprived over a period of time it may be stunted emotionally for the rest of its life.


 Good parenting certainly makes difference.Bible says:"Train up a boy according to the way for him; even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it (Proverbs 22: 6). Still, what of children who have serious problems spite of having good parents? Is this possible? Yes. The words of the proverb must be understood in the light of other verses that emphasize the child's responsibility to "listen" to obey the parents. Both parents and child must cooperate in applying Bible principles of there is to be family harmony. If parents and children do not work together, there will be difficulties.