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Is it possible for a family to be stable, nurturing environment for it's members? Yes, if family members know the real secret of family happiness. This website, gives the answer and also gives practical examples of how this "website" can help resolve a number of challenging family situations. 

How Can You Have a Happy Family Life?

BASICALLY, the requirements for a 

happy life and family are few and simple:

* Peace and security

* Loving family and friends

*Good Health

*Adequate food, clothing, and shelter

*Purpose in Life 

*Hope for the future

How Can You Overcome Problems That Damage a Family?

* View of marriage mate. Husband ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies. Wives are admonished "to love their husbands" and to have "deep respect" for them.

* Proper view of children. Children deserve, yes, need, love and attention from their parents.

* View of elderly parents. God's Law thus fostered respect and a high regard for the elderly. This may be challenge when an elderly parents seems overly demanding or is I'll and perhaps does not move or think quickly. Still, children are reminded to keep paying due compensation to their parents.

* Cultivate self-control. Leave the scene if you feel yourself losing control. Going for a walk or engaging in some physical exercise may help you to control emotions.


*Make it easy for your children to talk to you
* Try to understand what they really mean
*Present a united front
* Have a plan

How To educated your Child?

The Value Of Disciplining in Your Children


Discipline is training that corrects, and it includes communication. Discipline carries the thought of corrections more than punishment although punishment may come into the picture. Your children needed discipline when they were younger, and now that they are teenagers, they still need some form it, perhaps even more so. Wise teenagers know that this is true. Parents is responsible for administering discipline to their Children, particularly the father. However, the responsibility for listening to that discipline belongs to the teenager. He will learn more and make fewer mistakes if he needs the wise discipline of his father and mother.