The Value Of Disciplining in Your Children


Discipline is training that corrects, and it includes communication. Discipline carries the thought of corrections more than punishment although punishment may come into the picture. Your children needed discipline when they were younger, and now that they are teenagers, they still need some form it, perhaps even more so. Wise teenagers know that this is true. Parents is responsible for administering discipline to their Children, particularly the father. However, the responsibility for listening to that discipline belongs to the teenager. He will learn more and make fewer mistakes if he needs the wise discipline of his father and mother.


Many adults look back on their childhood as a happy time. They recall a warm feeling of safety, a certainty that their parents would look after them no matter what. Parents want their children to feel that way, but in today's degenerate world, it is harder that it used to be keep children safe.

One ugly threat that has grown in recent years is sexual molestation of children. Every country reports of child molestation quadrupled over a period of ten years, according to one study the estimated annual number is a staggering 9,000,000! Tragically, the majority of these children molested in their own home by people they know and trust. But children should have a strong defense in their parents. How can be parents be protectors?

Since experience shows children who know little about sex are especially vulnerable to child molesters, a major preventive step is to educate the child, even when he/ she is still young. Knowledge can provide protection from the bad way, from the man speaking perverse things. What knowledge? Knowledge of Bible principles, of what is morally right and wrong. Knowledge too that some grown-ups do bad things and that a young person does not have to obey when people suggest inappropriate acts. Do not limit such instruction to a onetime talk. Most young children need to have a lesson repeated before they remember it well. As children grow a little older, a father would lovingly respect his daughter's right to privacy, and mother her son's- thus reinforcing a child's sense of what is proper. And, of course, one of the best safeguards against abuse is close supervision by you as parents.


Single-Parents Families Can Succeed

If You are a single parents, be conscientious about your domestic responsibilities. Find satisfaction in such work, for this does much to add to the happiness of your children. However, proper planning and organization are essential. 

Is it fair to ask children to help out? You want to make up for the absence of the other parent by making it easy for the children. That maybe understandable but perhaps not always in the best interests of the child. So, although being careful not to overload your children, you will be wise to assign them tasks such as taking care of the dishes and keeping their room clean.



Your child does not seem to care about school? His grades go downhill, along with his attitude. how can you help them to improve his grades?

 What You Should Know  

Don't pressure your child it's causes him anxiety at school and at home. Pressure increases the problem.    

Don't rewarding good grades it's only cause them to focus on the reward. When they got a bad a grades they are disappointed about not getting reward than about  the bad grade.   

Don't Blame the teachers it's unproductive. Your child may conclude that good results do not require effort. They might also learn to shift the blame for his mistakes and to expect others to solve their problems. Your child could miss out on a skill that is vital for adult life- accepting responsibility for his actions.

What You Can Do

  • Control your feelings. If you feel angry, take a time to discuss with your child about grades
  • Identify the real problem.  Common reasons for bad grades are bullying m, changing schools, exam, anxiety, family issues, lack of sleep, lack of a schedule or lack of concentration.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Makes schedule for work and study. Have a place where your child can do his homework free from distraction.
  • Encourage Learning. The better your child understand how he benefits from school now, the more he will feel motivated to learn.           
Best Way To Teach Your Children

What Benefits Result From Discipline By Parents?

A parents who fails to provide discipline will not gain a child's respect, any more than will rulers gain the respect of citizens when they allow wrongdoing to go on with impunity. Discipline, rightly given is evidence to a child that his parents care about him. It contributes toward a peaceful home, for "to those who have been trained by it, it yields peaceful fruit, namely righteousness." Disobedient, badly behaved children are a source of irritation in any home, and such children are never truly happy, not even with themselves. Chastise your son and he will bring you rest and give much pleasure your soul. After some firm but loving correction, a child can get somewhat of a new outlook and a fresh start and often is far more pleasant company. Discipline, indeed, "yields peaceable fruit."

Why Self- disciplined Important, And How Parents Help Their Children To Develop it?

When children learn that defiance of proper limits brings discipline of one kind or another, they come to recognize their own limits, and through parental firmness and guidance they develop the self-discipline needed to live satisfying lives. Either we descipline ourselves from within, or we will be desciplined by some outside source. If we develop inner discipline and help our children to do the same, our lives and theirs will be happier, free From troubles and heartaches.

Effective Discipline

Discipline is training that corrects the mind and heart. Children need it constantly, parents should discipline with love.

One meaningful form of discipline is to make children feel the unpleasant consequences of wrong behavior. If, for instance, your child makes a mess, cleaning,it up by himself may make the strongest impression. Has he treated someone unfairly? Requiring that he apologize may correct this wrong trend. Another form of discipline is the denial of privileges for a time in order to drive home needed lesson. In this way the child learns the wisdom of sticking to right principles.


What Is Self-control?

Self-control includes the ability to;

* Delay gratification

* Restrain impulses

* Complete unpleasant tasks

* Put others before self

Self-control is not just a matter of holding back from doing wrong; it includes doing what is necessary, even when this is not particularly exciting or fun. It is important for your child to learn how to establish priorities and stick to them. Have your child do important things first. For example, he should put homework before recreation.


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